Emily Thornberry MP for Islington South & Finsbury, Shadow Foreign Secretary
Emily Thornberry MP for Islington South & Finsbury, Shadow Foreign Secretary

In the 2017 General Election, Emily Thornberry was returned as our MP with an increased majority of 20,263.
In 2016, Labour recorded excellent results in the London Mayoral and Assembly elections.
In 2018, Labour retained 47 of the 48 seats on Islington council – we first won overall control of the council in 2010.

These successes, which were a result of our direct contact with voters, are enabling us to put our values into practice and to make tangible improvements in the lives of our communities.

Our policies are aimed at reducing inequality and eliminating poverty

  • Living wage: Islington was the first council to introduce the living wage for all its
    employees; we insist that suppliers do the same.
  • New homes: we will build 3,500 new council homes by the end of 2019.
  • Social rents: we are opposing pressure from the Tory government to raise council rents to 80% of market rate.
  • Education: we introduced a £300-a- year student bursary to help young people continue to study beyond the age of 16.
  • Environment: we set up a heat network in Bunhill ward to provide cheaper and greener energy to more than 700 homes on local estates.

Labour makes a difference to the lives of people in our communities, but everything we achieve begins with local members devoting their time and energy to our campaigns.


Patricia Banke

Vice-chair (Campaigning)
Rowena Champion

Vice-chair (Fundraising)/Treasurer
Adrianne LeMan

David Hopper

Women’s Officer
Holly Thomas

65 Barnsbury Street, N1 1EJ
020 7607 8373
10am-6pm Monday-Friday



The following resolution was passed at the CLP General Meeting on 17 April 2019

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warns that we have 12 years to limit global temperature rise to 1.5ºC. Failure to cut greenhouse gas emissions will result in disastrous environmental changes, flooding, increasing extreme weather events, crop failures and species extinction, resulting in global economic disruption and humanitarian crises. Future generations will judge us on our actions to avert this. We support the actions of young people following the recent school & college walk-outs.

 Islington has major environmental problems: major traffic routes and congestion reduce air quality; limited green spaces and a high proportion of energy inefficient buildings, resulting in fuel poverty. Decarbonisation by 2025 would, improve resident’s well-being and reduce inequality. Islington Council has committed to decarbonising its pension fund, implementing a car-free development policy and funding district heat networks and energy from waste production.

 Across the UK, 27 city, town and county councils have declared a Climate Emergency, including the GLA and Lambeth.

 We call on Islington Labour Group to urge Islington Council forthwith to:

 1.   Declare a Climate Emergency; 

2.   Ensure all current and future policies are consistent with averting further climate change and ecological collapse;

3.   Enact policy measures to reduce carbon emissions in the borough to net zero by 2025 and to reduce production and consumption levels;

4. Work with the GLA, national government and other boroughs/bodies to obtain resources for the measures required;

5. Implement a body to oversee changes and report to the Council within 6 months, and thereafter at half yearly intervals.


The following resolution was passed at the CLP General Meeting on 20 March 2019

Islington South & Finsbury CLP notes:

1. The policies and practices of the Israeli State’s military occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza creates significant barriers to the rights to health and dignity of Palestinian people. These challenges include barriers to accessing treatment, frequent armed violence, and the de-development of Palestinian healthcare.

2. In Gaza, there was less than one month’s supply available of 42% of all essential medicines – including those for cancer – at the end of December 2018. As a result chemotherapy is often interrupted and rendered less effective. Surgeons are often prevented from leaving Gaza to update or specialise their skills, further undermining treatment quality.

3. With Gaza’s health system close to collapse after 11 years of the State of Israel’s unlawful closure, it is vital for many women with breast cancer to access specialist treatment in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem. A permit from the Israeli authorities is required to reach the sole centre of care in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) offering radiotherapy, Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem.

4. According to the World Health Organisation, 2017 saw the lowest-ever recorded approval rate for patient exit-permits (54%) resulting in over 11,000 scheduled medical appointments missed. After Israeli Authorities denied or delayed these permits at least 46 cancer patients from Gaza died in 2017, among them women with breast cancer

To help Palestinians with cancer in the oPt overcome barriers to adequate care Islington South & Finsbury CLP calls on:

1. the Labour Party to support peaceful action to end the unlawful closure of Gaza and occupation of Palestinian territory;

2. Labour’s front-bench spokespeople to demand that the UK Government

a. regularly monitors and reports publicly on permit denials and delays imposed by Israel on Palestinian cancer patients, including assessments of any health consequences or implications, and state what if any
measures the UK Government is taking to improve the situation;

b. supports and facilitates knowledge-sharing between British and Palestinian cancer specialists, including
through support to NHS staff visiting the oPt and Palestinian staff taking up fellowships or other training opportunities in the UK;

c. provides support to the sustainable development of cancer services in Gaza and across the oPt, investing
in long-term infrastructure and the development of technical skills for health workers;

d. provides funding to NGOs supporting legal challenges to barriers imposed by the Israeli authorities to
the freedom of movement of patients and their ability to access care elsewhere in the oPt, including East
Jerusalem, or abroad;

e. works to overcome the increasing political and functional separation of the West Bank and Gaza, and
supports greater integration and co-operation across the Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank
and Gaza; and

f. publicly presses the Government of Israel to lift the unlawful closure of Gaza, to lift restrictions on free
movement of patients and health workers throughout the oPt, and ensure the ‘dual use’ list for Gaza does
not obstruct vital medical equipment and supplies;

3. our Secretary to submit this motion to the National Policy Forum International Commission online and send a copy of it to each of the London representatives to the NPF, highlighting our call at item 1. above;

4. our MP Emily Thornberry to report back by 30 June 2019 on any response of the UK Government to the demands set out at item 2. above; and

5. our CLP to post this on our website.

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